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Planet: unknown

The Source

Still no traces of the S.O.S. beacon we had detected earlier. I’m beginning to wonder if there was perhaps an error with our monitoring systems, but then again, I’m in no rush to head back to the ship...


Planet: Iso

Last Transmissions

After spending seven days on Iso, I have concluded that the planet is uninhabitable for the Shodai. The crust of the planet itself is made up of incredibly hard, igneous rock formed over millennia by the abundant volcanic activity...


Planet: unknown


….where… am I? ….what happened?


Planet: unknown

The Paths

This planet is said to have been carved from the tapestry of the universe. For those blessed enough to walk amongst its surface, it is the absolute truth, for this is the sacred world where we commune with The All.


Planet: unknown

The In-Between

These Shodai are arrogant creatures. They reach into our domain and shout into the void, beckoning us to join their war. Some of us have joined them in their pursuits, yet I have remained unmoved by their pleas...


Planet: unknown


FINALLY! 17 years on this boring rock and the fight has finally come to our doorstep...


Planet: Urias

The Resurgence

Of all the planets I could have been deployed to, why did it have to be Urias?


Planet: Vikare, Shodai Homeworld


Late again tonight. These long hours are grueling. I was only home for maybe five hours, and I couldn’t even sleep. I barely had time to scarf down a small snack before I was due back at the lab...


Planet: Vikare, Shodai Homeworld

Nova Burst

The Exoswarm has finally made it to Vikare, our homeworld.  As we speak, evacuations continue across the planet. Our entire military has been deployed to relentlessly defend the boarding civilians.

The Hero

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